MicroBurst™ Series Lighting

Whelen Microburst-III Wingtip LED-NAV & LED-Strobe System

Whelen MicroBurst-III™ wingtip LED-strobe and LED position lights for LSA and Experimental-category aircraft.

Whelen performance and durability at a very reasonable cost!

Model name Wingtip Unit
Model Numbers
LED Colors
Wingtip Unit
Wingtip Unit Description Dimensions
MicroBurst-III MB3R
3.4 oz each .45 amp
Forward-facing (red/green) LED NAV light
and rear-facing white LED Nav light
with CometFlash 180-degree LED-Strobe
1.5" Height
1.6" Width
4.6" Length

Look to Whelen Engineering, with more than fifty years experience in aviation lighting and the acknowledged pioneers in the development of LED technology, for state-of- the-art lighting for your experimental or LSA aircraft. LEDs are lightweight, low current and incredibly bright, vibration and moisture resistant... the ideal lighting technology for your needs. Trust Whelen Engineering, the leader in emergency lighting solutions for Police, Fire, EMS and Rescue professionals, to provide you with cost effective, high performance, longlife solutions for all your aviation lighting requirements.

Whelen MicroBurst products are...
    * economically priced
    * 14 VDC
    * low current, long life, lightweight
    * self-contained (no external power supply needed)
    * aerodynamic with vibration and moisture resistance
    * synchronizable
    * replaceable lenses
    * super bright, rivaling strobe in impact


Wiring Information:  black = ground, red = LED position lights (12-14v), orange = LED strobe (12-14v), yellow = synch wire

Whelen MicroBurst-III™ info sheet... Microburst-III info sheet
Whelen MicroBurst-III™ technical drawing... technical drawing
Whelen MicroBurst-III™ installation instructions... installation instructions

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PRICING:  The Whelen Microburst-III package includes the pair of wingtip units -- the left-side wingtip unit (forward-facing red LED light, rearward-facing white LED light, and LED-strobe)
and the right-side wingtip unit (forward-facing green LED light, rearward-facing white LED light, and LED-strobe) -- all for only $449.00 -- with free shipping!

UPDATE:  The Whelen Microburst-III has now been superceded by the Whelen "Blaze" wingtip lights -- slightly more streamlined and slightly better performance --
package includes the pair of wingtip units -- the left-side wingtip unit (forward-facing red LED light, rearward-facing white LED light, and LED-strobe) -- for $469.00 with free shipping!

Additional Whelen Information: these Whelen wingtip lights are not TSO'd and so do not meet the requirements
of 91.205(c) required equipment for night flight. Airplanes certified for night operation should not consider this product.

We use the Whelen system as standard equipment on our Aerotrek light sport aircraft . . .


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