LightSPEED Aviation headsets
LightSPEED ZULU.2 ANR headset

LightSPEED ZULU.2 ANR headset

LightSPEED Next Generation Zulu.2!

The original Zulu headset was great -- but now the "Zulu.2" is even better!

The Zulu.2 includes several patent-pending innovations -- some of the new features include; Microport Vent technology that provides greater ANR consistency, Lightcomfort design offering exceptional fit and less side pressure, and a Dual Aperture Disc microphone that adds more voice clarity and improved noise canceling capability.

LightSPEED  Zulu.2  ANR headset

A distinctive new look and continuous innovation make the Zulu.2 the ultimate blend of design, technology and high performance. The Zulu.2 once again sets the standard by which all premium ANR headsets are measured.

Plush ear seals combined with magnesium ear cups and supported by a stainless steel headband deliver durability at about 13 ounces. Use Zulu.2's innovative Bluetooth connectivity to facilitate communications and get on your way to enhancing the freedom of flying.

LightSPEED engineers researched how pilots perceive noise at various frequencies in the cockpit, and then developed technology providing focused noise attenuation over the most critical ranges. The achievement is a headset with the ultimate performance profile and industry-leading total noise cancellation attributes.

features . . .

Quiet - With patent-pending Microport Vent technology and new electronic cancellation components, the Zulu.2 offers improved active noise reduction (ANR) consistency and performance over a deep, broad range of low frequency noise. The magnesium ear cup is superior at blocking out high frequency noise.
Comfort - Weighing in at about 13 ounces, the Lightcomfort design includes plush ear seals, exceptional fit and 15% less side pressure.
Clarity - With the patent-pending Dual Aperture Disc Microphone and re-designed speakers, the Zulu.2 delivers unparalleled voice clarity with crisp, rich audio. Studio quality audio is delivered using an integrated Front Row Center (FRC) and stereo cross-feed technology. In addition, the new microphone design provides greater noise rejection for clearer, more intelligible communications.
Durability - A low-profile, stainless steel headband provides lightweight durability and excellent cabin clearance.
Bluetooth Connectivity - The Zulu.2's full-function Bluetooth connectivity provides enhanced sound quality for voice, music or compatible audio devices.
Cell Phone/Music Connection - An integrated control box auxiliary input offers an additional option for connecting a cell phone, music player or other audio device.
Stereo or Mono - Match audio panel inputs with a quick switch to stereo or mono.
ComPriority - Never miss important radio communications with patented ComPriority which lowers the volume of any auxiliary device automatically during radio or intercom transmissions.
Auto Shutoff - LightSPEED's proprietary Auto Shutoff feature saves battery life by automatically shutting down the headset power when not in use.

Options -
    battery or power panel models
    straight or upper coil cord
    dual GA, LEMO or U-174 connectors
    low impedance microphone available

Accessories included - Carrying case, cell phone/music patch cords, cord clip, 2 AA batteries, foam windscreen

      price... $850.00  

Zulu.2 User's Guide -- download a copy of the Zulu.2-user-guide.pdf


Try on the latest addition to the LightSPEED line of premium headsets for a new flying experience. With the fit, comfort, features, and value you’ve come to expect from LightSPEED, Sierra is best in class.

ANR and Bluetooth connectivity bring top-of-the-line features to Sierra. Plush ear seals and sturdy construction add to Sierra’s durability. A wired input for audio devices and Auto MusicMute enrich your flying. A reversible headband design allows microphone placement on the left or right.

Sierra is everything you’ve been looking for in a value ANR headset.

features . . .

Comfort and Durability -- At 16 ounces with plush ear seals and solidly designed ear cups, extended wearing is a breeze.
Bluetooth Connectivity -- Allows wireless connection from Bluetooth phones.
Music Connection -- An integrated control box input allows you to connect a music player.
Auto MusicMute -- Receiving radio communications is a snap with MusicMute which automatically decreases a music player by 80 percent, lessening the chance of missing important interactions.
Power Source and Connectors -- Two AA batteries, Dual GA.
Accessories -- Carrying case, music patch cord, cord clip, foam wind screen.

      price... $650.00  

        for more information or to place an order, please email or call . . .
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34 E. Antioch Road, Bloomfield, IN 47424
phone: 812-384-4972     email:
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