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   BECKER AR 4201 compact aircraft radio . . .

Becker AR4201 radio

The Becker AR 4201 aircraft radio is an extremely small and lightweight transceiver that offers 760 channels and is certified for use in VFR and IFR equipped aircraft. The clear, sunlight readable LCD display shows the active frequency and either the standby frequency, the memory channel used or the supply voltage and also the external temperature (with the optional temperature sensor). The AR 4201 radio is ideal for installation in gliders, motor gliders and small aircraft due to its low power requirement and 2 1/4 inch round panel cutout. Due to the implementation of the most modern technology it has been possible to minimize the depth of the module, including the connector, to less than 9 inches. The equipment has an output of 5 to 7 Watts carrier (16 W PEP). A standby frequency and 99 memories can be easily programmed and recalled. The AR 4201 has intercom, panel-lighting, voltage indicator, an AF-input as well as an automatic test-routine as standard functions. The Becker AR4201 radio is TSO'd and can be installed in certified aircraft.

Technical Data:
Supply Voltage: 12.4 to 15.1 V
Minimum Voltage: 10.0 V
Standby Current: < 70 mA
Transmit Current: < 2.5 A
Frequency Range: 118,000?136,975 MHz
Frequency Channels: 760
Channel Spacing: 25 kHz
Memories: 99
Storage Temp.: -55C to +85C
Operating Temp.: -20C to +55C
Maximum Altitude: 50,000 ft
Sensitivity: < 1,5 V for 6 dB (S+N)/N
Bandwith: > 8 kHz for 6 dB

AR 4201 VHF-AM-Transceiver Operational Modes:
Channel Supply, Voltage, External Temperature (optional)
Active-Standby Frequency
Selectivity: > 60 dB for 25 kHz
Transmit Output: > 5 Watt Carrier, 16 Watt PEP
Audio Output: > 3 Watt into 4 W
Phon Output: > 100 mW into 600 W
Dynamic Mike: < 2 mV sym. into 150 W
Standard Mike: > 100 mV into 100 W
AF-Auxiliary Input: 1 V - 8 V into 600 W
Digital-Voltmeter: 7 V - 15 V
Digital-Thermometer (optional): -20C to +55C

Width: 61,3 mm / 2.386 inch Depth: 192.0 mm / 7.559 inch (229.0 mm / 9.016 inch with connector)
Height: 61.3 mm / 2.386 inch Weight: 0.67 kg / 1.47 lbs

Becker AR4201 brochure (557 kb .PDF file)
AR4201 installation and operation manual (290 kb .PDF file)
AR4201 wiring diagram (30 kb .PDF file)

Pricing . . . aircraft radios and transponders, ATR500, ATR833, TRT800H aircraft radios and transponders, ATR500, ATR833, TRT800H
      Becker AR 4201 aircraft radio
            list price... $1595.00   available at our special price of . . . $1485.00

   BECKER ATC 4401 compact aircraft transponder . . .

Becker ATC4401 transponder

The Becker ATC 4401 transponder is a full solid-state transponder that has been designed as a part of the Becker Compact Line for all aircraft and helicopters where small dimensions and light weight are essential. It has the same look and similar size as the successful AR 4201 transceiver. The mounting behind the panel is as simple as for the AR 4201. This transponder offers outstanding performance combined with low power consumption and this transponder is provided in two certified versions...
                ATC 4401-175 with min. 175 Watt transmit power
                ATC 4401-250 with min. 250 Watt transmit power
Both transponder versions are state of the art designs with fully transistorized transmitters and compliant with the current, most stringent operating standards. The ATC 4401 is certified according JTSO and TSO regulations. The sunlight readable display is illuminated for night operations. The display shows in addition to the transponder code also the current flight level, if an encoding altimeter is connected and Mode-C is selected. Despite the small size, the operation is simple and straight forward. It even allows the one button recall of two preselected codes. The ATC 4401 operates from 9.5 to 32.2 V DC. This makes it suitable for almost every application in general aviation. A standard encoding altimeter or blind encoder can be connected.

General data:
Supply voltage 9.5 V to 32.2 V DC
typical consumption at 5544 (1200/sec) (without panel illum.)...
      0.50 A at 13.75 V (250 W)
      0.40 A at 13.75 V (175 W)
      0.30 A at 27.5 V (250 W)
      0.25 A at 27.5 V (175 W)
      in standby mode 0.27 A at 13.75 V or 0.14 A at 27.5 V
Panel illumination 0.10 A at 13.75 V or 0.05 A at 27.5 V
Power-up time 3 sec. (internal self-test)
External fuse protection: 3 amp slow-blow
Serial interface RS 422 (9600 baud)
Operating temperature - 20 C to + 55 C (short-time + 70 C)
Storage temperature - 55 C to + 85 C
Operating altitude 35000 ft. in accordance with EUROCAE/RTCA ED-14D/DO-160D Cat. C1
Vibration resistance Cat. NM in accordance with EUROCAE/RTCA ED-14D/DO-160D
Humidity Cat. A / + 50 C; 95 %, 48 h in accordance with EUROCAE/RTCA ED-14D/DO-160D

Mechanical dimensions:
Front panel 61.3 x 61.3 mm (H x W) (2.413 x 2.413 inch)
Case depth 204 mm (8.031 inch)
Weight 0.725 kg (1.598 lb)

Operating modes: Mode A, Mode A+C
Receive frequency: 1030 MHz 0.2 MHz
Sensitivity (MTL) - 74 dBm (for 90 % reply rate)
Selectivity 15 MHz > 40 dB 25 MHz > 60 dB
Dynamic range 60 dB
Bandwidth 3 MHz < 3dB
Side lobe suppression 3-pulse method
Nominal impedance 50 W

Transmitter data:
Transmit frequency 1090 MHz 3 MHz
Transmitter type Solid state
Transmit power min. 250 W / 175 W at antenna socket
Reply limitation effective as from 1200 replies / sec.
Nominal output 50 W impedance
Reply code (mode A) ICAO coding system with 4096 reply possibilities
Flight level code ICAO coding system (mode C) 100-foot steps from - 1000 to 35000 ft.
Transmit pulse shape pulse width 0.45 ms 0.1 ms
rise time 0.05 to 0.1 ms
fall time 0.05 to 0.2 ms

Becker ATC4401 brochure (106 kb .PDF file)
ATC4401 installation and operation manual (482 kb .PDF file)
ATC4401 wiring diagram (40 kb .PDF file)

We use the Becker ATC4401 transponder in our Aerotrek aircraft.....

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Pricing . . . aircraft radios and transponders, ATR500, ATR833, TRT800H

      Becker ATC4401 175 w transponder
            list price... $2365.00   available at our special price of . . . $2145.00

            or Becker ATC 4401 250w transponder (list price...$2570.00) at our special price . . . $2295.00

      Becker transponder-encoder wiring harness (photo) (photo) . . . $225.00
      Ameri-King AK-350 encoder (photo) . . . $175.00
      TSO'd transponder antenna (photo). . . $52.00

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